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As you know the web is full of Nintendo Switch cheat codes for Xecuter or other CFWs, in most cases you find the codes your trying to use don’t work, this is a downfall to relying on public users to provide cheat codes.

Most users are new to the this and don’t understand how to make cheat codes or even test that they work properly.

The aim of SXCodejunkies is to provide cheat codes that have been fully tested, created by myself unless otherwise stated.

We will not host cheat codes for games that do not work, sure our list will look limited at first but as soon as we have the proper tools to find cheat codes that require pointers, we will be able to provide codes for nearly any Nintendo Switch game.

All cheat codes I create have been created using Xecuter SX, so I can only confirm that they work within SX OS CFW, I cannot test nor confirm codes will work within another CFW environment as it may differ from SX OS.

You may need to seek advice from the authors of the CFW you are using for advice how they implement their cheat feature.

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