Devil May Cry

Devil May Cry
Devil May Cry
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Title ID: 0100e8000d5b8000
Build ID: 883f54c67475abae

• Invincible:
Press Dpad-Left to open doors/menus/Interact
Credit to DSrules (GBAtemp) for the initial address
• Infinite Health
• Infinite Devil Trigger
• Always Devil Trigger On (Infinite)
• 0 Times Saved
• Unlock all Game Modes – Credit DSrules (GBAtemp)
• Unlock all Achievements
• Have All Moves Alastor
• Have All Moves Ifrit
• Have All Enemy Files
• Max Red Orbs (Press L3)
• 99 Yellow Orbs
• 3/4 Blue Orbs
• Dynamic Contrast Mode

END MISSION CODES (This will give S rank)
• Max Red Orbs

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